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Put On Your Sunglasses and Enjoy the Show

Functional Medicine, Health and Wellness Oct 24, 2012 No Comments

Let’s face it: nuclear bombs are useful.  If you need to eradicate an enemy nothing gets the job done faster.  When nuclear bombs were first invented though, we didn’t completely understand the side effects of radiation because there wasn’t enough data to show that it was harmful.  So early on, when our military was testing nuclear bombs, you might have been lucky enough to get invited out to watch.  They’d give you a pair of cool sunglasses, say ‘you might want to hold your ears,’ and BAM!  What a light show.

Pesticides are useful too.  They’re kind of the nuclear bombs of the bug world.  If a farm needs to eradicate an enemy so they can vastly increase their yield, nothing gets the job done faster.  The perfectly polished and spotless produce they grow puts on a heck of a show, and you don’t even need sunglasses (you might want to wash it with a little chlorinated tap water though.)  And even though pesticides are potent neurotoxins, and even though studies consistently show a strong correlation between lower birth rates and higher rates of learning disorders, and even though many pesticides have been banned, the American Academy of Pediatrics recently issued a report saying that there isn’t enough data to show that eating organic is healthier. Really.
So enjoy the show – it really is pretty.  But personally, I’ll skip the slow poisoning. I encourage you to do the same.
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To Buy Organic or Not

Dr. Sheffield Sep 05, 2012 No Comments

A new study done by Stanford University has found that conventionally grown foods are just as nutritious as organically grown foods.  The news media has been reporting that it’s now more difficult to justify buying organic because a conventional apple is just as nutritious as an organic apple.  Sure, it could be a difficult decision if you’re not concerned about eating a side of pesticides on your genetically modified, artificially colored, polished and waxed fruit.  The truth is buying organic has never been about nutrition value – nature knows how to make an apple. Buying organic is about eating unmodified food without the poisons used to control pests.

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Read Dr. Sheffield’s article in Austin’s Guide to Good Health

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Read Dr. Sheffield’s article in Austin’s Guide to Good Health 2012!

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A great article in Psychology Today about how chiropractic can help break addictions

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Have you taken an antibiotic recently? If so, make sure and replenish your gut by eating yogurt and/or taking a probiotic! Antibiotics kill bacteria indiscriminately, and your gut needs a varied and healthy set of bacteria to function. A recent study found that older adults with the most varied gut bacteria were healthier than those with only a few kinds of bacteria. Want to increase the variety of bacteria in your gut? It’s simple: don’t eat the same thing everyday.

Dr. Sheffield of Westlake Chiropractic is an expert in Functional Medicine and can design a regimen for you to achieve optimum gut health.

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Boost Brain Function

Dr. Sheffield Jun 21, 2012 No Comments

Want to boost your brain function?  Keep a rosemary bush close by!  Feeling a little cloudy?  Cut off a bit of rosemary and sniff it – the scent will increase cognition even if you just smell it on your fingers.  Rosemary contains a powerful natural brain booster, 1,8-cineole, that goes directly into your blood stream when inhaled.  Keeping a little rosemary close by and taking a whiff is one of the best things you can do if you need a brain boost!

Why Upper Cervical Chiropractic?

Dr. Sheffield Jun 18, 2012 No Comments

“Better than 90% of the brain’s output is directed towards maintaining your body in its gravitational field.  Therefore, the less energy one spends on one’s posture, the more energy is available for healing, digestion and thinking.”  -Roger Sperry, 1981 Nobel Prize winner for brain research

The very first vertebra in your spine, the Atlas or C1 vertebra, is perhaps the most important bone in your body.  This two-ounce bone is tasked with balancing the weight of your head, allowing it to rotate freely, and protecting your brain stem and upper spinal cord.  It pivots around the Axis vertebra and is connected by ligaments and tendons, but no disc.  With no disc the Atlas can rotate freely, however, without a disc it is also unstable.

A vertebral subluxation of the Atlas often won’t be felt at the Atlas itself, however, it can manifest as numerous health complaints such as high blood pressure, headaches, chronic fatigue, digestive problems, poor posture and others.  Since virtually every nerve in your body runs through your atlas, keeping it aligned is critical to your health and wellbeing.   As an upper-cervical specialist and a full-spine chiropractor, Dr. Sheffield takes an ‘Atlas first’ approach to chiropractic care, and many of her patients report experiencing lasting results for the first time.


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Nature’s Antibiotics

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Fluroquinolone antibiotics such as Cipro are associated with an increased risk of tendinitis and tendon rupture and can cause severe pain, and permanent disability.  The FDA has issued the strongest warning required for a drug – a box warning.  In younger patients side effect injuries may appear as ‘sports injuries’ while in older patients they may appear as inexplicable tendon ruptures.  Fluroquinolone antibiotics are powerful drugs that are among the most over-prescribed drugs on the market.  They should be used only when natural means have been exhausted, and discontinued immediately and permanently with any joint pain or injury.


Before resorting to prescription antibiotics why not try what nature has to offer?  There are many natural substances with excellent antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties, including colloidal silver, garlic, echinacea, pau d’arco and manuka honey.  At Westlake Chiropractic we recommend nature’s remedy first, and we’re here to bring health and healing to you today!

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You Are What You Eat

Dr. Sheffield Jun 04, 2012 No Comments

A recent study cited in an article in Scientific American shows that micro RNA from crop plants, such as wheat, rice and potatoes, enter the blood stream and can alter gene expression and cell function.  The food you eat isn’t just fuel for your body, but it actually becomes part of your body, part of who you are, and it affects your body in profound ways.  A healthy diet and supplement regimen doesn’t just make you feel better, it makes a better you.  At Westlake Chiropractic we offer a Functional Medicine clinical analysis of your body’s biochemical makeup and can design a natural, holistic regimen to rebalance it.   Click here to read the Scientific American article.


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