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Austin Beauty 360 Expo- Dr. Sheffield Speaking

Chiropractic, Functional Medicine, Health and Wellness Nov 06, 2013 No Comments

Dr. Sheffield will be featured as a speaker at the 2013 Austin Beauty 360 Expo! She will be discussing “5 Secrets to Stop Accelerated Aging”. Join us this weekend (November 9th & 10th) at the Palmer Events Center!



300 Beardsley Lane, Building C101, Austin, TX 78746
(512) 306-1625‎ ·

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Put On Your Sunglasses and Enjoy the Show

Functional Medicine, Health and Wellness Oct 24, 2012 No Comments

Let’s face it: nuclear bombs are useful.  If you need to eradicate an enemy nothing gets the job done faster.  When nuclear bombs were first invented though, we didn’t completely understand the side effects of radiation because there wasn’t enough data to show that it was harmful.  So early on, when our military was testing nuclear bombs, you might have been lucky enough to get invited out to watch.  They’d give you a pair of cool sunglasses, say ‘you might want to hold your ears,’ and BAM!  What a light show.

Pesticides are useful too.  They’re kind of the nuclear bombs of the bug world.  If a farm needs to eradicate an enemy so they can vastly increase their yield, nothing gets the job done faster.  The perfectly polished and spotless produce they grow puts on a heck of a show, and you don’t even need sunglasses (you might want to wash it with a little chlorinated tap water though.)  And even though pesticides are potent neurotoxins, and even though studies consistently show a strong correlation between lower birth rates and higher rates of learning disorders, and even though many pesticides have been banned, the American Academy of Pediatrics recently issued a report saying that there isn’t enough data to show that eating organic is healthier. Really.
So enjoy the show – it really is pretty.  But personally, I’ll skip the slow poisoning. I encourage you to do the same.
300 Beardsley Lane, Building C101, Austin, TX 78746
(512) 306-1625‎ ·

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Dr. Sheffield, Functional Medicine, Health and Wellness Jul 18, 2012 No Comments

Have you taken an antibiotic recently? If so, make sure and replenish your gut by eating yogurt and/or taking a probiotic! Antibiotics kill bacteria indiscriminately, and your gut needs a varied and healthy set of bacteria to function. A recent study found that older adults with the most varied gut bacteria were healthier than those with only a few kinds of bacteria. Want to increase the variety of bacteria in your gut? It’s simple: don’t eat the same thing everyday.

Dr. Sheffield of Westlake Chiropractic is an expert in Functional Medicine and can design a regimen for you to achieve optimum gut health.

300 Beardsley Lane, Building C101, Austin, TX 78746
(512) 306-1625‎ ·

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Treat your liver and gut to a vacation!

Functional Medicine, Health and Wellness Jan 07, 2011 No Comments

Have you ever had a boss who was a taskmaster, a slave driver, and a demanding soul who cared only about production?  Overtime, anytime, all the time, boundaries pushed, exhaustion sets in. You aren’t efficient anymore, you’re chronically tired, and the joy of living fades to gray.

Chances are high that your liver and GI tract are exhausted after the holidays.  The food, the wine, the dessert(s!), more food, more wine, leftovers (it’s always better the next day, isn’t it?), mimosas, more leftovers, and then it’s off to Aunt Jenny’s house to start all over again – for the fourth time.  Ugh.

Remember how you wished that your boss would appreciate your hard work and your value to the company? Just a little time off and you could be twice as productive. Well, your liver and GI tract would like some understanding as well! They have been working overtime and they need a vacation!

Your liver is the critical workhorse for metabolism and detoxification. Between food, alcohol, medications, supplements and energy production, it has a very long to-do list that is never ending. Your GI tract is a core component to your immune function. Most of us don’t think about how much our GI tract and what we eat influences our body’s natural ability to heal itself and fight off bacteria, viruses and cancer cells.  It’s critical!

Come and find out how to give your liver and GI tract the vacation it deserves! I will go over many great “vacation” packages, offering a 9, 14 or 21 day cleanse options to fit your season of life and get you results!

Look and feel betterPC251391.

Increase your energy levels.

Increase your natural immunity. 

Increase your mental clarity.

And lose weight.

Best of all, your liver and gut will be smiling (they like to go on vacation together) after their wonderful “spa vacation”. They will feel valued and be so happy that your body will definitely become a “fat burning machine”.

RSVP now for my workshop entitled “The 5 secrets to making your body a fat burning machine” on
Tuesday 1-11-11 evening at 6:15 at Austin Holistic Health, which is on Bee Caves 2 miles West of Loop 360. Just call me at 512.306.1625 or email me at

As a volunteer for the Foundation for Wellness Professionals, I am not charging for this workshop. I do ask that you would RSVP my Monday 1-10-11 at 6 pm, because the food is being provided by My Fit Foods and Jamba Juice. There will even be give-aways, and if you bring a friend, you will get an extra entry for the give-aways! How much better can it get?  You will be so glad you did!

Dr. Katerina Sheffield

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Steal The Thunder From Your Cold Sores

Functional Medicine Nov 23, 2010 No Comments

Cold sores are nasty little viruses.  Different triggers, such as stress, sunlight, or an overwhelmed immune system can activate the virus and cause an unsightly bump on the lips.

There are many natural remedies suggested for cold sores, but generally they are ineffective.  L-Lysine is a popular remedy used to prevent cold sores, however, I don’t consider taking large amounts of a single amino acid particularly natural or safe. The amino acids we ingest are incorporated into our DNA.  Who knows how long it would take to see genetic coding changes because you overloaded your system with a single amino acid? Furthermore L-Lysine, while considered non-toxic, isn’t without side effects.  At high doses side effects can include elevated cholesterol, elevated triglycerides, and nausea. There is one report of kidney failure.

For cold sores the safest and most effective solution is actually an over-the-counter product called Abreva.  Abreva is cool because it’s a topical cream that simply prevents the virus from entering the cell.  It’s sort of like having an umbrella on a rainy day.  The most important thing about Abreva is to use it when you first notice the tingle that precedes the bump because that’s the thunder that tells you it’s about to rain. If you wait too long, you won’t get good results. I consider Abreva a much better choice than L-Lysine, it’s equally effective as prescription anti-virals, and it’s as safe as they come.

As always, keep your body in tip-top shape by drinking lots of water, eating your veggies, exercising, and getting regular chiropractic care.

Love, Katerina

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