Get Your Teeth Cleaned, Get Your Spine Checked

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Dr. Sheffield has a prediction, “Spinal health will soon be viewed much in the same way that dental health is viewed,” she forecasts.  “Poor spinal care is often tolerated in the same way that poor dental hygiene was once tolerated.  Thankfully that’s changing as people learn how good spinal care positively impacts overall health.  Over 90% of professional athletes utilize chiropractic care because they understand how chiropractic care improves the body’s ability to move and function.  Soon we’ll value good posture and good spinal health in much the same way we value straight, white teeth.”

Everyone understands that cavities and missing teeth are a sign of significant dental problems, but not everyone understands that poor posture is a sign of significant spinal problems.  To avoid dental problems people brush and floss, and see their dentist regularly.  It’s much better to take a proactive, preventative-maintenance approach than it is to have cavities filled, root canals performed or dentures made.   In the same way seeing your chiropractor regularly is the preventative-maintenance approach to avoid accelerated aging, decreased mobility and pain.  In addition to seeing your chiropractor on a regular basis, a good daily stretching and exercise regimen will help keep your spine and your body strong, limber and healthy.

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