Love What You Do

Dr. Sheffield Sep 20, 2010 No Comments

Have you ever considered the things that give you energy and make you happy inside? The list is diverse as the people in your life… listening to music, gardening, riding motorcycles, work, golf, cooking…so many things. I have a friend who is happiest when she’s dissecting a spreadsheet. I go cross-eyed over spreadsheets, but to my friend, they are a joy. Wow. Whenever you see someone doing something they love, it just brings a certain level of joy and satisfaction, doesn’t it? It’s fun to watch. Something inside just resonates… life is supposed to be that way.

Figuring out what you love and incorporating it into your life brings beauty and fulfillment. Work or play, the more you do what you love, the more beauty and joy you’ll live with.

I love helping people with their health. I get energy and joy from it. I’m passionate about it. It just makes me happy. It’s the reason I became a pharmacist twenty years ago, and it’s the reason I decided to become a chiropractor. Your health is a gift, and one that you want to cultivate, nuture and maintain, so that you can do all the things you love for a very long time.

I’d love to help you ~


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