The Best of What’s Around

Dr. Sheffield Nov 08, 2010 No Comments

I love being a Chiropractor and I love being a Pharmacist. So often people see these two mindsets as an unreconcilable contradiction: an East vs. West, winner-takes-all tussle for the one-and-only right way. Unfortunately, lots of doctors and practitioners from the two different worlds fuel those fires and the biggest loser is you, the patient.

I believe there is a better way, a third way – a synthesis. As a Dave Matthews fan I like to call this synthesis the best of what’s around.

Your health and wellness is what matters to me, period. Artificial categories such as ‘natural’ and ‘drug’ only tend to confuse the issue. Natural does not always mean safe and drug does not always mean effective. I want to remove these labels, set the record straight, and with an unbiased opinion create a new paradigm focused on a healthy, happy you.

So send me your questions and I’ll give it to you straight-up, and tell you about the best of what’s around.

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