Ginger and Brain Function

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In a study published earlier this year, researchers have found that ginger (Zingiber officinale) supports memory and cognitive function in middle-aged women. Ginger is a botanical used historically to enhance gastrointestinal health and balance inflammatory processes.

Sixty healthy women received either a placebo or a ginger standardized extract of 400 mg or 800 mg daily for two months. The researchers assessed the women for cognitive function and memory at the beginning of the study and again after one and two months of supplementation.

The subjects receiving the ginger supplement had enhanced performance on the tests for working memory and cognitive function compared to the placebo group.

The researchers concluded that ginger is an effective cognitive enhancer for middle-aged women.

Another study published in 2011 found that exercise also supports cognitive function and memory. In this study, middle-aged men and women performed either aerobic exercise or stretching and coordination exercise twice weekly for six months. Both exercise groups, and particularly the stretching and coordination exercise group, showed enhanced performance on memory tests.


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