Put On Your Sunglasses and Enjoy the Show

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Let’s face it: nuclear bombs are useful.  If you need to eradicate an enemy nothing gets the job done faster.  When nuclear bombs were first invented though, we didn’t completely understand the side effects of radiation because there wasn’t enough data to show that it was harmful.  So early on, when our military was testing nuclear bombs, you might have been lucky enough to get invited out to watch.  They’d give you a pair of cool sunglasses, say ‘you might want to hold your ears,’ and BAM!  What a light show.

Pesticides are useful too.  They’re kind of the nuclear bombs of the bug world.  If a farm needs to eradicate an enemy so they can vastly increase their yield, nothing gets the job done faster.  The perfectly polished and spotless produce they grow puts on a heck of a show, and you don’t even need sunglasses (you might want to wash it with a little chlorinated tap water though.)  And even though pesticides are potent neurotoxins, and even though studies consistently show a strong correlation between lower birth rates and higher rates of learning disorders, and even though many pesticides have been banned, the American Academy of Pediatrics recently issued a report saying that there isn’t enough data to show that eating organic is healthier. Really.
So enjoy the show – it really is pretty.  But personally, I’ll skip the slow poisoning. I encourage you to do the same.
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