Steal The Thunder From Your Cold Sores

Functional Medicine Nov 23, 2010 No Comments

Cold sores are nasty little viruses.  Different triggers, such as stress, sunlight, or an overwhelmed immune system can activate the virus and cause an unsightly bump on the lips.

There are many natural remedies suggested for cold sores, but generally they are ineffective.  L-Lysine is a popular remedy used to prevent cold sores, however, I don’t consider taking large amounts of a single amino acid particularly natural or safe. The amino acids we ingest are incorporated into our DNA.  Who knows how long it would take to see genetic coding changes because you overloaded your system with a single amino acid? Furthermore L-Lysine, while considered non-toxic, isn’t without side effects.  At high doses side effects can include elevated cholesterol, elevated triglycerides, and nausea. There is one report of kidney failure.

For cold sores the safest and most effective solution is actually an over-the-counter product called Abreva.  Abreva is cool because it’s a topical cream that simply prevents the virus from entering the cell.  It’s sort of like having an umbrella on a rainy day.  The most important thing about Abreva is to use it when you first notice the tingle that precedes the bump because that’s the thunder that tells you it’s about to rain. If you wait too long, you won’t get good results. I consider Abreva a much better choice than L-Lysine, it’s equally effective as prescription anti-virals, and it’s as safe as they come.

As always, keep your body in tip-top shape by drinking lots of water, eating your veggies, exercising, and getting regular chiropractic care.

Love, Katerina

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