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Golf Basic

The Foundation – This state of the art golf evaluation will identify and correct the specific functional biomechanic limitations that directly affect your golf swing and decrease accuracy and consistency. Also, if you have low back pain and love to golf, then you definitely want this evaluation so you can identify and correct those problems before they hinder your ability to play. Dr. Sheffield has played competitive golf, loves the team approach of TItleist Performance Institute, and working with other professionals to give you the best golf performance service you have ever experienced.

Golf Deluxe

The Edge – Golf is a mental game. This cutting edge, unique and innovative approach to golf performance combines The Foundation functional assessment with a powerful neurological and limbic system component to take your game to the next level. Overcome both known and hidden obstacles that are holding you back from performing to your greatest capacity. Whether you compete professionally or want to reach the personal goals, this is the edge you have been looking for in your golf game.

Next Level

Next Level – Get to the next level in whatever arena you find yourself in – sports, career, home or hobby, with this cutting-edge approach. The Next Level treatment plan allows your body to function more efficiently by improving bio-mechanic and cognitive function as well as clearing negative cellular memory patterns (sensory engrams) that are affecting your life. This comprehensive approach to the human body and pschye will help you perform at your personal peak and enjoy the things you love doing whether you are competing or not!